Senomyx Employee Lending a Helping Hand to a Needy Hoof

February 27, 2013 Senomyx Community Involvement

Senomyx WRHR Horse RescueSenomyx employee Kym C. spent a recent Sunday at beautiful place about two hours outside of San Diego, White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue (WRHR).  WHRH’s primary mission is to rescue horses that have been abandoned or abused and to find new owners committed to providing them with a loving, caring environment. Another goal is to provide un-adoptable horses a natural setting in which to live during their remaining days, and to introduce various groups of people to the fascinating culture of the horse.  Kym spent the day volunteering at the Ranch, participating in everything from cleaning hooves to feeding the animals and even riding one of the horses.

“Wow, what an experience! It was so much fun to give love to horses that have been abused and neglected.  And the staff is great.  They take the time to teach the kids how to talk, treat, feed, clean and ride horses.”  ~ Kym

WRHR was founded by Isabel Megli, who not only has a background in education, human resources, child development and healthcare, but also has a great love for helping animals.  She began her journey by personally saving horses in need, and with the help of her husband founded the non-profit Rescue in 2008 so she could further her operations.

Horses saved by this Rescue come from many different places and arrive in varied states of physical and psychological deprivation. Health issues ranging from starvation to poorly maintained hooves could make the first order of business visits with a veterinarian and a farrier.  In addition to rescued horses, others are donated by owners who – for one reason or another – are no longer able to keep their animals. Regardless of the circumstances that bring them to the ranch, horses are placed into one of two groups.  They are either placed in rehabilitation or a safe haven at a special location called the Villa – allowing them to spend their remaining days in peaceful retirement.

Senomyx Children Horse RanchIsabel also started a Kid’s Horse Camp that plays an important part in the lives of participating youngsters. A program that combines instruction in the care and rehabilitation of horses with sessions in horsemanship provides camp attendees with the basic skills needed to take on the responsibilities of horse ownership.  By combining her love for children with her understanding of horses, she fulfills the part of her mission statement that refers to her ability to “. . . introduce various groups of people to the fascinating culture of the horse”.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing to this cause, you can find additional information To see other ways Senomyx employees are making a difference, please visit our Community Involvement page.

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