Senomyx Supports Road Safety with KPBS Radio

September 19, 2011 Senomyx Community Involvement

KPBS LogoSouthern California is known for our love of fast moving cars, and Senomyx has supported a series of messages advocating safe driving on the highways and through residential neighborhoods. We’ve been sending  road safety radio messages to our community in partnership with KPBS Public Broadcasting, a non-profit public organization of San Diego State University that provides media services such as high quality radio, TV, Web and community activities.

As the spring season rolled in, Senomyx felt that we should help everyone have an even more enjoyable spring by sponsoring a radio message reminding text-happy cellphone users to keep their eyes on the road and watch out for their own safety, as well as the welfare of drivers and pedestrians around them. We hoped that the short encouragement and reminder promoted by Senomyx left those texts unwritten and unread until it was safe!

The segue into summer marked another Senomyx-KPBS announcement reinforcing safe driving, but this time we wanted to advocate the well-being of our community’s children, as the summer days are filled with happy, energetic kids excited with their newfound freedom – and possibly not paying enough attention to cars in their neighborhoods. As parents and siblings ourselves, we feel that the safety of children takes precedence over getting somewhere a little bit faster.

With summer drawing to a close, school season starting back up again and eager teenagers jumping behind the wheel (sometimes for the first time!) we at Senomyx wanted to make sure the young adults stayed safe in their new rides by reminding families to keep an eye on their teens to ensure responsible driving—after all, the adolescents of today are the innovators of tomorrow, and we want to keep them thriving!

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