You Love Them Like Children and So Do We….The Real Pets of Senomyx

February 6, 2012 Senomyx Community Involvement

Senomyx Pet Snowflake

Employee Luda C. says that her cat Snowflake likes to nap in strange sleeping postures.

Studies have shown that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks. Studies have also shown that over 50% of pet owners would rather be stranded on a desert island with your pet, than with another person.

We definitely fit the bill here at Senomyx; we realize the importance of pets and we love them like children!Judging from their names, we also hold them in very high esteem – we have pets  named after royalty, like Princess and King, and a number of gods and goddesses including Zeus (Greek god who ruled Mount Olympus), Cupid (Roman god of love), Apollo (Greek god of music, light, and more), and Poseidon(Greek god of the sea).  Other names (that our children may have given them) include Snowflake, Buster and Mickey.  According to a recent survey, the most popular name for a dog in the U.S. is Max.

Even though we may name and treat our pets like humans, there are certain foods that you want to avoid feeding them and keep out of their reach in order to keep them healthy and out of harm’s way.   Grapes, raisins and currants contain an unknown toxin, which can damage the kidneys. Onions and garlic (raw, cooked, or powder) contain sulfoxides and disulfides, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia. Cats are more susceptible than dogs. Tobacco contains nicotine, which affects the digestive and nervous systems, which can result in rapid heartbeat, collapse, coma, and death.  For a full list of foods that your pet should NOT consume, please visit Pet Education.

In addition to our pets, Senomyx cares about animals that are in need.  We have partnered with other local companies and schools to collect donations for PAWS San Diego, an organization that provides pet food for the poor, the elderly and people with disabilities throughout the county.

“PAWS” is a common acronym for animal support groups and is used for many non-affiliated organizations throughout the world.  For a list of some of the PAWS groups in the U.S. and elsewhere, and to find out how you can support PAWS, please visit

We’d like to share some pictures of our beloved pets.  Please excuse the amateur photography – most of the pictures were taken with our cell phones!

Senomyx Pets Rocky and Apollo

Employee Lita O.’s boys, Rocky and Apollo, pose for the camera

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