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December 12, 2011 Senomyx Education

Senomyx InternshipOver the past few months, there were some unfamiliar and young faces in the Senomyx halls, a new species of employee known only as “The Intern.” Ranging in age from high school senior to fourth year college student, these children and young adults gave up a chunk of their time in order to work at Senomyx, and learn a lot in the process.

The Summer Internship/Rotation Program, organized by Senomyx’s Human Resources department, is a four week program spanning parts of the year during which children of Senomyx employees become employees themselves, working 20-hour weeks in various departments. The program aims to give students an opportunity to:

- Better understand career choices related to taste science and the flavor & food industries

- Gain a realistic perspective of the working world and a preview of daily job responsibilities

- Learn how to meet company deadlines for individual and group projects

- Obtain marketable work experience and career development tips through the mentorship of an employee in a department of interest, as well as participation in practice job interviews and resumé reviews.

From the 3 hours of rotating interviews to the 4 weeks of buckling down to work, the consensus was that this was a pretty cool gig— especially from the viewpoints of employees who wished they “had an opportunity like this when they were children.”

“My internship at Senomyx was focused on research and development.  Having no previous work or internship experience, this opportunity was invaluable to my understanding of workplace expectations and a great chance to explore the field of flavor science. Overall, I think this opportunity has solidified my interest in the field of science and provided me with a lot of knowledge and experience I wouldn’t have gained in school. Throughout these four weeks I’ve learned a lot about Senomyx as a company and I hope to see it growing in the near future.”  ~ Senomyx Intern

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