We Hope Dr. Doolittle Would Be Proud…Senomyx Supports Wildlife and Plant Conservation at the San Diego Zoo

February 23, 2012 Senomyx Green Initiatives

Senomyx San Diego Zoo Volunteer Denise Rhino

Denise says that working with animals is a terrific experience that allows her to make a difference.

The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy is staffed by scientists and researchers who are working locally and around the globe to save endangered wildlife from extinction.  To assist with their work in San Diego, they call for volunteers to help educate visitors to the Zoo’s two facilities.  Senomyx is happy to have employees who give their private time to benefit this important cause.

Volunteering at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park allows Senomyx employees to share their love of wildlife and conservation with the public, while providing the organization with valuable support. Volunteer duties vary from educating children and adults about the collection’s Galapagos tortoises, African elephants, or orangutans, to helping guests find their way around the zoo, explaining to visitors what foods the animals eat, and planting trees at local parks. Behind-the-scenes activities include constructing enrichment items for the animals in the collection, operating web cameras in various exhibits that wildlife lovers can watch from their homes, and recording observations of behaviors related to birth and care of newborn babies from different species.

SNMX San Diego_Zoo Volunteer Denise

Senomyx employee Denise W. educates visitors at the orangutan exhibit.

Another focus for volunteers is the more than 280 endangered and threatened plant species and varieties.  The Zoo’s plants create the perfect environment for their animal inhabitants as well as human guests. They are an important research and educational resource for scientists and students from around the world.  The trees and other vegetation also provide shade for animals and visitors, are a crucial propagation source, and they’re especially appreciated by the arboreal residents!

The volunteer’s goal is to enhance the guests’ experience, while helping them learn about wildlife and conservation. In return, the volunteer meets visitors from all over the world, as well as local

Senomyx San Diego Zoo Volunteer

Employee Amy S. nears the tiger exhibit.

San Diegans, while doing a small part to aid the survival of endangered animal and plant species.

To see how you can help, please visit http://www.sandiegozooglobal.org/

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