Senomyx and NBC San Diego — Get Healthy

November 21, 2011 Senomyx Health and Wellness

Senomyx and NBC - Healthy Week 2011Senomyx teamed up with our local NBC television station as a proud sponsor of NBC Healthy Week 2011!  This partnership was part of an effort to inspire the San Diego community to live healthier each day by offering health-related tips, lifestyle changes, and much more.  NBC suggested recommendations for what exercises may be best for you, smart ways to satisfy your sweet-tooth, and healthy recipes from executive chefs.  We were excited to have our messages heard by hundreds of thousands of people within our community, and we hope some were encouraged to take better care of themselves.  Awareness of what can be done to have a healthier lifestyle is the first step in achieving it!

NBC San Diego evaluated the response of the viewers and found that 91% thought healthy week was informative, while 87% of viewers appreciate advertisers that support healthy content.

We were happy to participate in this worthwhile effort!

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