Senomyx Offers Biometric Screening to Employees

September 26, 2011 Senomyx Health and Wellness

Senomyx Biometric

Senomyx employee Danielle B. works out to stay healthy in our on-site gym.

Senomyx believes that biometric screening is a great way to prevent serious health problems and catch warning signs as early as possible.  We recently held our first annual Health Screening Fair for employees to encourage our staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The event offered on-site health screening during which registered nurses performed a finger-stick blood test, which checked total cholesterol, HDLs and LDLs, triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, height and weight, percent body fat, and waist measurements. (All results were kept private…not everyone wants to share personal data, especially body fat percentage and waistline info!) Employees were also provided a health education consultation.  This was the first part of a two-part program. After we received our results, the participating employees completed a Health Assessment that measured current health status, detected lifestyle risks, and provided additional information.

Wondering what your blood pressure reading means? Or how to lower your triglycerides? Or what your “health age” is? We encourage you to get a Health Assessment that gives you guidance about stress, nutrition, and exercise.  It can outline your risks and provide preventative actions for a range of health conditions, like coronary, cancer, diabetes, etc.  Meanwhile, you can learn about the importance of checking your cholesterol level on the American Heart Association’s website.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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