Senomyx Banks More Blood for San Diego County

October 24, 2012 Senomyx Community Involvement

Senomyx Employee San DiegoA very heartfelt way to contribute to the community is to give your time and effort to a local charity…or you can go even further and give some of your blood! Senomyx maintains continued involvement with the San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) and encourages employees to support the organization and its life-saving cause by donating blood and participating in other events such as the Blood Bank’s Annual 5K.  With only 36% of the population being eligible to donate and only 3% actually donating, there is a strong need for those who are willing to contribute.

Recently, the San Diego Bloodmobile arrived at Senomyx for our annual Blood Drive. Having the Bloodmobile on-site was a great way to facilitate donations, and employees took a break from working hard in order to support the SDBB and patients in need.

Senomyx San Diego Blood BankThe Bloodmobiles travel all over San Diego County so that blood drives can be held in various locations with convenience and ease—each Bloodmobile is fully self-contained with all the necessary equipment to host a blood drive right in your company’s/organization’s/school’s own parking lot, which streamlines the donating process. The SDBB strives to make it as simple as possible for donors to give blood, but it’s still up to individuals to take the initiative. San Diego County needs nearly 400 units of blood per day for the care of adults and children, and the medical facilities rely on donors like us to help make that happen.


One of our goals at Senomyx is to do what we can to give back to the community.  We are small in size, but large in spirit! We are proud of the employees who donated blood, particularly those who give repeatedly.

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