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December 5, 2011 Senomyx Green Initiatives

Senomyx uses eco-friendly coffee cupsSenomyx proudly uses eco-friendly coffee cups and lids.  The coffee cups that we use are made of paper produced from sustainably managed tree farms, so there’s no damage to old-growth forests. The liner, which is made from a corn-based polymer, breaks down under proper composting conditions.  More than two-thirds of the energy used to make the paperboard comes from renewable resources.

The goal of these unique, sustainable materials is to reduce the user’s carbon footprint by lowering the amount of petrochemicals contributed to landfill.

The Coating

  • The plant material used to make the water-resistant lining is grown in the United States.
  • Requires significantly less energy to create than comparable quantities of polyethylene used in traditional packaging

The Lid

  • The hot and cold lids are made from the same plant-based, water-resistant material as the cup.

Domestic Sourcing

  • The raw materials for these products are grown in the United States

Cup Certifications

Our beverages taste even more flavorful knowing that we are drinking responsibly!

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