Senomyx Employee Spends Holiday in Haiti Helping Those in Need

January 29, 2013 Senomyx Health and Wellness

Senomyx Children with International Medical ReliefA Senomyx employee spent her holiday break in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti delivering care to adults and children in need.  The employee, Kelly K., joined International Medical Relief (IMR), a group that provides medical, dental and surgical care to under-served and vulnerable people around the world through medical mission trips.

IMR recruits qualified medical teams and offers short-term assignments for volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care professionals, as well as non-medical volunteers, to conduct overseas medical clinics in areas where health care is limited or difficult to obtain. Equipment, supplies and medicines are secured for the overseas medical clinics from donations through partnerships with other organizations.

The team in Haiti got up and running quickly, treating patients and having very successful clinics. The team was comprised of 50 people from the United States, approximately one dozen Haitian medical providers, Haitian medical students, 20 interpreters, security, and additional ground crew – so in total numbered nearly 100 people.  The clinic was a very positive experience for the patients.  Over 2000 patients were treated – a great success.  The patients were really happy as many have never had a medical team come to visit them and still many others rely solely on IMR for their medical care.

“It is startling to see that performing routine medical or dental procedures, something as simple as providing antibiotics or extracting a tooth to stop infection, can save lives.  These are things that we take for granted every day.  This mission was a truly amazing experience!” ~ Kelly K.

Senomyx Haiti Tent Camp

One of the tent camps in Haiti where medical aid was offered.

A great thing about IMR is that they do not just provide services and leave.  They empower these communities to take health and wellness issues into their own hands with the goal of making them self-sufficient. Through classes and hands-on learning, IMR mission trips provide learning opportunities for the local communities so as to sustain their well-being beyond the visit. Additionally, they provide technical expertise to local medical professionals through a partnership with them in diagnosis assistance and a mutual exchange of ideas. Clean water, basic hygiene and nutritional tips can go a long way toward saving lives and stopping the spread of disease.

IMR is always accepting donations.  They accept monetary donations as well as medical, dental and school supplies.

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