Chocolate & More – Senomyx V.P. “Unwraps” the Science of Flavor at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center

January 27, 2014 Senomyx Education

Senomyx VP Presents at Chocolate Unwrapped at Ruben H. Fleet Science Center
Local news outlets interview Linemeyer after his presentation.

Senomyx’s Vice President of Biology, Dave Linemeyer, Ph.D., was asked to present at a new program series spearheaded by the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center dubbed, “Science on the Rocks”.  Senomyx was pleased to participate, as Dave educated the crowd on taste science and the physiology of flavor perception at the Chocolate Unwrapped: The Science of Flavor event.  The event was a success, selling out, with hundreds of people attending (no children though, because of the alcohol tastings the event was 21 and over).

The event featured a chocolate and beer pairing with chocolate from local chocolatier Eclipse Chocolate, craft beers from three San Diego breweries, wine tasting and flavorful samples from local restaurants. In addition to enjoying the delicious fare, partygoers explored the facts about flavor through other fun presentations and hands-on activities.

Speaking of chocolate, it appears to have many health benefits that might be a surprise to chocolate-lovers everywhere.  According to a study published in Medical News Today, women who consumed high levels of anthocyanins and flavones – compounds found in foods such as berries, herbs, red grapes, chocolate and wine – demonstrated lower insulin resistance.  Women who consumed the highest levels of flavones also had improved levels of a protein called adiponectin – a regulator of glucose levels, among other metabolic mechanisms.  Furthermore, the investigators discovered that volunteers who consumed the most anthocyanins were the least likely to have chronic inflammation – a condition linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer.

NBC San Diego published a piece on Science on the Rocks that includes an interview with Dave,!/entertainment/the-scene/Ruben-H–Fleet-Center-Explains-Science-of-Food/227908861.

At Senomyx, education and health in the community are very important to us.  See what other great programs the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center is offering and support San Diego Science!

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